28 Jul 2021

A strong respiratory protection program is essential for all companies that have workers potentially impacted by respiratory hazards.  OSHA 29 CFR 1910.134 requires that a well-trained program administrator lead, document, and enforce such a program. Are your safety managers up-to-date on the latest guidelines to effectively recognize, evaluate, and control employee exposure to hazards in the workplace? Are your written guidelines and training procedures up to date? We have a helpful solution with great resources.

3M Helps Customers Create a Strong Respiratory Program

Quest Safety Products is an authorized reseller of 3M, a leading manufacturer of respiratory products, among other safety equipment. As a partner in providing the best equipment for the job at hand, we would like to point you to 3M’s Center for Respiratory Protection. This impressive resource provides step-by-step tools, checklists, and templates to help ensure your safety programs achieve their respiratory safety goals. On the website you will find.

  1. Exposure Assessment: Provides a chart, video, and thorough step-by-step instructions to walk you through exposure assessment.
  2. Written Program: You can download a checklist to help ensure your written program is complete.
  3. Respirator Selection: Provides an Overview of Respiratory Equipment Types, Video, and a Respirator Selection Guide with key information on choosing your equipment. They also include a link to their Select and Service Life software that will walk you through the Contaminants and Cartridge/Filter selection. It will then help you to establish an effective gas/vapor cartridge change out schedule.
  4. Medical Evaluation: In addition to laying out the facts around the OSHA mandated medical evaluation and the paperwork requirements, 3M offers an online medical evaluation program that meets the OSHA criteria.
  5. Fit Testing: This section details the Qualitative Fit Test and the Quantitative Fit Test with protocols, quick reference guides, videos, and paperwork you can download for record keeping. Quest sells the items required to conduct fit testing. 
  6. Training & Maintenance: Find details on what OSHA requires in annual respiratory training and download 3M’s Administrative Respiratory Protection Program brochure can help you make sure you have the correct materials.

Quest Safety Products Can Help Navigate the Many Options

At Quest Safety Products, we are always up-to-date with the latest requirements so we can provide you with respiratory protection solutions that suit your facility’s unique needs. If you are looking for assistance in navigating your respiratory protection program requirements or just selecting the right environmental safety products to keep your teams safe, Quest can help — contact us today.