Winter Will Be Here Before We Know It!

Back when we were kids, winter was great! Building snowmen, snowball fights, possible snow-days off, and holidays around the corner. When you are an adult working outside every day there is a lot more to consider. At Quest, we want to do everything possible to help you protect yourself and your workers.

Our goal is to provide you with articles, videos, checklists, toolbox talk worksheets, and infographics to make your work easier. Winter considerations are more than just making your workers more comfortable outside. We know you want your workers to be comfortable but there are also business considerations at play here also. By implementing smart winter safety practices you also

  • - Adhere to OSHA regulations
  • - Keep productivity up (who can be productive when dressed like Ralphie's brother in A Christmas Story?)
  • - Reduce sick time and incident reports

If you have any questions or need additional information please contact your Quest Territory Manager or email us!

Stay safe!

Week 1: Winter Preparation Checklists

Winter Safety Preparation Checklist

It's time to pull out those seasonal checklists, remember the seasonal tasks, and plan ahead. If you lost last year's list or just looking for something new, download our list.


Vehicle Winter Preparation Checklist

It doesn't matter if your company has one vehicle or a dozen if one gets stranded, it's going to mean downtime and lost productivity. It's time to pull out those seasonal checklists and plan ahead. If you lost last year's list or just looking for something new, download our list.


Additional Resources from Our Safety Partner

Cold Stress: Your Winter Safety Guide

Find out what cold stress is, how it may affect your health, and what you can do to stay protected during the winter months. Find the article here.


The 1-2-3s of Winter Driving Safety Video

Driving conditions in the winter months can be full of treacherous hazards including, winter ice, poor visibility, strong winds, snow, rain, and more. Each weather condition and the risks involved with driving in each specific condition are discussed; snow driving tips are even given as we all know that driving ice covered roads can be perilous. Viewers will learn how to prevent unsafe incidents, starting with awareness, and how to generally stay safe despite the imminent dangers that every driver must face in the cold months. Here is a great video to show at safety meetings.

Week 2: Winter PPE

Layers of clothing for cold weather infographic.

Infographic: Winter PPE Layering

Layering your winter clothes can be very beneficial in preventing the hazards that occur when working outside in the winter. It is important to keep moisture away from the body yet just as important to provide insulation and ventilation. Download our infographic to learn more.



Additional Resources from Our Safety Partner

Manage Cold Stress with the Proper Winter PPE

Dressing for winter might not be much fun and many workers will try and tough it out in their fall jackets, but extreme cold isn't just a comfort issue. Workers who spend time in cold environments are exposed to a number of severe weather-related risks. The best course of action? You guessed it: know the hazards and be prepared with the proper winter PPE. Read the details at

What Kind of PPE is Needed for Extreme Winter Weather?

Many employees across a number of industries work outdoors. While we might envy them on a pleasant summer day, in the winter months they might be exposed to unusually cold temperatures or inclement weather. More here at


Winter Footwear: Making The Transition To Keep Your Feet Warm

What do you need to consider when choosing your winter footwear. This article will lead you in the right direction.


What do I need to consider to choose the best cold weather gloves?

When working outside, your hands are your most valuable tools. See the Q&A on to find out what you need to consider when choosing the best cold weather gloves for yourself or your workers. 

Week 3: Winter Hazards

Signs, Symptoms and Treatment for Winter Hazards

It's critical for everyone working outside to understand the signs, symptoms, and treatment for the hazards they face in winter. Download this cheat sheet for a handy reference.


Ergodyne's Intro to Cold Stress Webinar

NIOSH Fast Facts: Protecting Yourself from Cold Stress

OSHA Quick Card: Protecting Workers from Cold Stress

Additional Resources from Our Safety Partner

Video - Deadly Cold Exposure

Many cold-related injuries occur in temperatures above freezing. Share this video with your team.

Week 4: Winter Work/Rest Routine

Ergodyne's Work/Rest Schedule Infographic

When winter turns brutal, revise your safety measures to meet the local conditions. Download Ergodyne's Infographic on Work/Rest Schedule to keep your worksite running smoothly.


Ergodyne's Work/Rest Procedures Toolbox Talk Worksheet

Make sure that everyone is on the same page when the weather turns brutal. Ergodyne's Toolbox Talk Worksheet will help spread the word.

Additional Resources from Our Safety Partner

Article and Video - Hydration in the Workplace Is Not Just a Summer Issue

Dehydration is a risk even in the dead of winter. Here are an article and video you can share with your team.

Video - Highlighting the Importance of Hydration in the Winter

Sqwincher highlights the importance of hydration for winter job sites with this video. 

Week 5: Are You Ready for Winter?

OSHA Hazard Alert: Falls and Other Hazards to Workers Removing Snow from Rooftops and Other Elevated Surfaces

NWS Winter Weather Terminology

What constitutes a blizzard? What's the difference between an outlook, advisory, watch, and warning?    Get the info from the National Weather Service's Winter Weather Terminology.

Additional Resources from Our Safety Partner

Article - Watch Your Step! 8 Handy Tips to Prevent Winter Slips and Falls

Follow these precautions when walking across slippery driveways, walkways, and parking lots. 


Article - 10 Cold Weather Workplace Safety Tips

Safety manufacturer, Radians, shares the top tips to stay safe this winter. Read the article 10 Cold Weather Workplace Safety Tips.