18 Nov 2021

Keeping workspaces clean is vital to your business for many reasons beyond regulatory compliance. For example, a clean workspace enhances productivity, reduces the risk of mistake or injury, and makes daily work easier and more pleasant for employees.

5S Workplace Organization is the best way to do that. 5S principles were developed out of the Toyota Production System or, as it’s commonly called in North America, Lean methodology. Lean is a production method focused on reducing production time and increasing efficiency. 5S is one of the strategies organizations use to become leaner

5S offers a host of benefits when it comes to increasing safety in your business. Quest Safety has partnered with Accuform, a leader in workplace signage and 5S Workplace Organization, to make it easy for organizations to implement 5S and bolster employee safety.

What Is 5S?

5S Workplace Organization is a strategy for keeping everything in its proper place, so the workplace stays clean and organized, making it easier for employees to do their jobs without wasting time searching for items or even risking injury because an item was in the wrong area. The principles of 5S were made popular with Toyota’s Production System but have expanded well beyond automotive production lines. Manufacturing facilities of all sizes, warehouses, pharmaceutical companies, and food production plants are just some of the examples of industries that use 5S.

5S is named for the five steps used to organize each area


Go through all tools, furniture, materials, equipment, etc., to determine what should be placed in the space or removed. The best people to assess this are those who work in that space, so make sure worker input is a top consideration.

Products include:


Red Tags By-The-Roll                                                                  Red Tag Area Signs

Set in Order

Now that you’ve removed clutter, the workers in that area should choose the best strategy for sorting through the remaining items. Which people use which items and when? Can you group any by similarities? Where is the most logical place to keep each grouping? Do you need any storage containers, labels, or other supplies?

Products include: 


    Store-Boards™                                          Store-Drawers™                                     Station Boards


In this step, you clean the work area until it’s sparkling — sweep, dust, mop, wipe down surfaces, organize tools and make sure everything is in its proper place.

Products include:


Clean & Sweep Store-Boards™                                    Wet Zone Store-Boards™


Standardization turns what could easily be a one-time effort into a routine. Assign regular tasks, create schedules, and communicate clear instructions and expectations so 5S becomes the routine. For example, consider posting a daily checklist or chart. 

Products include:      


                      Site-Boards™                                         5S Posters


To keep 5S running smoothly, focus on making it a long-term program and part of the culture. Everyone should participate, including employees at the very top. Set up a program to train new employees or those who move departments.

Products include:


           Digi-Day® 3 Scoreboards                                                        5S Banners

Why Is 5S So Important?

5S is fundamental to Lean principles because consistent efficiency and safety are difficult to achieve in a cluttered, messy, or unclean workplace. Cleanliness and organization enable organized and safe work, helping you avoid slowdowns and accidents.

5S Offers:

  • A safer work environment
  • Lowered costs
  • Higher employee satisfaction
  • Higher quality and productivity

Adopting 5S Is Easier Than You Think with Accuform

Visual communication tools like labels, floor markings, and shadow boards can make working in an area simpler, safer, and more organized. A workplace that uses visual management in this way is often called a Visual Workplace.

Accuform offers all the most common visual tools used in 5S. Download the Accuform 5S Catalog or view their 5S how-to guide. In addition, Accuform’s Trending Topics and White Paper sections contain a wealth of information about various safety topics. 

Quest and Accuform can help you find the right 5S products or perform site surveys to increase your workplace safety. We can also schedule Accuform to bring their 5S Van to your location to demonstrate workplace organization in a safe and organized environment. If your company is interested, Accuform’s mobile trade show arrives with full-sized product samples, educational resources, stock and custom solutions, material samples, SWAG, and 5S experts to run the event. All you need is an equivalent space the length of 4-5 parking spaces.

Contact Quest Today to Implement or Strengthen Your 5S Program

Businesses thrive when they keep their workspaces orderly and organized with standardized procedures to boost safety and productivity. 5S Workplace Organization can be applied to any workplace and is usually inexpensive to implement. In the long run, it makes processes run more smoothly and reduces the risk of accidents.

No matter your needs, Quest can help you find an Accuform product to help your business promote safety and efficiency through 5S. Contact your territory manager or Quest’s Customer Service team today to learn more.

13 Jan 2016
Road worker laying down emergency triangles following a car accident in the winter.

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Accuform IceAlert Indicator Sign Winter Sign Innovation Accuform Temperature Sign


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