13 Sep 2021

Safety leaders are often focused solely on which hearing protection is best. Some safety managers choose hearing protection based exclusively on the product’s Noise Reduction Rating (NRR). The NRR is important, but it’s also critical to remember that the best hearing protection is the protection workers will wear consistently.

The Centers for Disease Control and the National Institute for Occupational Safety Hazards have uncovered these striking occupational hearing loss statistics:

  • About 25% of all workers have been exposed to hazardous noise, with 14% (22 million) exposed in the last year.
  • 34% of noise-exposed workers report not wearing hearing protection.
  • Approximately 12% of all workers have hearing difficulty.
  • About 8% of all workers have tinnitus.
  • About 16% of noise-exposed tested workers have a material hearing impairment that impacts day-to-day activities.
  • 13% of noise-exposed tested workers have hearing impairment in both ears.

Regardless of the NRR or type of hearing protection your company uses, convenience will keep workers wearing hearing protection consistently — availability is vital. Moldex makes it easy to achieve high availability for your workers to keep them safe from noise hazards. Visit our Knowledge Center for information on how Moldex products are designed to make it easy for your workers to protect their hearing. 

Boosting Compliance Through High Availability of Hearing Protection

Convenience drives compliance. How much effort do your workers have to put into obtaining hearing protection? Having supplies readily available in work areas makes it easy for them to comply with safety guidelines and protect their hearing. Going to the safety manager’s or supervisor’s office or filling out a requisition form will not.

To encourage compliance through high visibility and availability:

  • Place earplug dispensers in all work areas and break rooms.
  • Put up posters or signs to remind workers to get earplugs when they enter a noisy area.
  • Ensure employees understand where and how to access hearing protection when you first fit them and again during annual training.

Moldex Hearing Protection Dispensers

Quest Safety Products partners with Moldex, a leader in hearing protection products. Moldex hearing protection dispensers are cost-effective to place anywhere in the facility — near workstations, outside restrooms, and in break rooms — to keep hearing protection top of mind with workers and make it easy for them to get the earplugs they need. 

Brackets make them even easier to install so you can save time as well as money. The plastic brackets screw into fixed stands or walls, while the magnetic brackets can go on vending machines, metal cabinets, and other metal surfaces.

Unlike competitors, the Moldex dispensers are sealed to ensure the earplugs stay clean and sanitary. Just place a hand under the dispenser and the earplugs drop straight into the palm, minimizing touchpoints and eliminating trays collecting dust and contaminants.

Not only can these dispensers boost compliance by making earplugs quickly and easily accessible, but they can also save you money. For example, employees can take only one pair at a time, so there is no wasteful grabbing of handfuls.

Moldex also offers one of the widest selections of earplug shapes, colors, sizes, and NRR ratings of any manufacturer in the world. This variety helps to aid in compliance with OSHA 1910.95(i)(3), which requires that employees be allowed to select their hearing protection from a variety of suitable options.

Moldex manufactures all products in the USA. With over 70 patents, they have a strong history of perpetual innovation, and all Moldex products and packaging are PVC-Free.


The Moldex PlugStation is the most popular earplug dispenser on the market. There are three options to provide the perfect solution for your needs:

Uncorded PlugStations: the most popular option, these dispensers offer an earplug style and fit for everyone.

Corded PlugStations: the first and only packaged corded dispenser on the market.

Packaged Uncorded: perfect for when you need packaged earplugs, no strings attached.

EcoStation Earplug Dispensers

The Moldex EcoStation dispenser can also help you reach your environmental goals. All of these EcoStation products feature a snap-in refill that can be changed in seconds, and the empty bottles are 100% recyclable.

This option is more economical to help lower hearing protection program costs, and the snap-in refill offers the fastest and easiest changeover available. The sealed refill also helps prevent contamination.

TouchFree EcoStation

With the TouchFree version, you place your hand under the automatic dispenser and a pair of earplugs will drop right into your palm. As a result, you can eliminate touchpoints and create a greener, cleaner workplace for all. Check out this video to learn more about the TouchFree EcoStation.

EcoStation Copper

The EcoStation Copper dispenser handle features a CuVerro® copper surface that, when cleaned regularly, continuously kills bacteria left behind by dirty hands, killing more than 99.9% of bacteria* within two hours.

Plastic Bracket

Moldex plastic brackets allow you to hang earplug dispensers throughout a facility in seconds to make it easier for employees to access hearing protection quickly. Plus, they are 100% PVC-Free.

Magnetic Bracket

Moldex magnetic brackets are the first of their kind and fully compatible with all PlugStations and EcoStations. You can hang them almost anywhere, from vending machines to lockers, metal cabinets, and more.

Moldex Hearing Protection Canisters

Hearing protection canisters go anywhere workers need them to, whether it’s the glove box or console of a work truck, in a locker or toolbox, or on a desk. With Moldex canisters, team members can have a personal supply of earplugs, which is especially useful for remote workers or those in the field. Canisters are available for:

  • Softies
  • SparkPlugs
  • Glide Foam
  • Camo Plugs
  • Glide Camo Foam

Leaders in Hearing Protection Safety

NRR ratings must be adequate to protect workers against noise exposure, but research shows that additional factors like convenience and availability are also essential to ensure compliance. Quest Safety Products is always up-to-date with the latest safety requirements and products available to provide you with hearing protection solutions suitable to your facility’s unique needs.

We’ve found that Moldex is a leader in providing customers with hearing protection tested to the highest safety standards and designed with convenience and availability in mind — so you can ensure workers don’t just have to wear protection, but want to. Contact your territory manager or click here to visit our knowledge center to learn more about Moldex earplug dispensers, canisters, and brackets, as well as find out how to get free samples.