23 Dec 2021

For those who work in the pharmaceutical environment, the risks of contamination and safety from hazardous materials are top of mind. Ensuring workers are protected from hazardous materials and clean rooms are protected from worker contamination is not to be taken lightly.

On average, pharmaceutical manufacturers spend approximately $3.1 million a year to remediate contamination events and occurrences. Studies have found that reusable garments’ Bacterial Filtration Efficiency (BFE) becomes significantly degraded after laundering, posing a serious contamination risk.

That’s why we recommend opting for single-use garments as a cost-effective, reliable way for pharmaceutical manufacturers to keep employees and work environments safe, sanitary, compliant, and efficient.

In the following eBook, we share the top benefits of single-use garments and what to look for when choosing them for your cleanroom.

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14 Dec 2021

The winter season is upon us, which means it’s critical to think about cold weather dangers like hypothermia, frostbite, cold stress, trench foot, and chilblains. Making sure your team knows the signs and symptoms of cold stress is a pivotal responsibility. The National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health offers this handy guide to cold stress to make it easy to share essential information: Protect Yourself from Cold Stress. 

Quest Safety has partnered with Protective Industrial Products (PIP) to offer cold weather work gear to keep your team safe from these dangers, and Quest is offering a winter promotion right now with special pricing. Remember, supply chain issues are impacting all businesses right now, so get your order in today so you get your cold weather work gear in time for the season.

Below, you’ll find a list of our highest-recommended cold weather work gear from PIP, as well as information about the signs and symptoms of cold stress.

Essential Cold Weather Work Gear from Protective Industrial Products

BOSS Therm Heated Vest

The BOSS Therm Heated Vest is designed to be worn as a base layer over a shirt or any thermal garment. Each battery charge provides 8+ hours of warmth, and the vest is machine washable for convenience with these additional features:

  • 3 Heat Settings so you can choose your preferred temperature range.
  • Rechargeable battery with a multi-step safety system to ensure protection from short circuits.
  • Active fit with two-way locking velcro for a secure, comfortable, and adjustable fit.
  • Wireless remote to conveniently control heat settings.

You can find the PIP Winter Catalog here.

PIP offers a full range of cold weather work gear to keep your team safe and reduce the rate of cold stress injuries. Check out the full catalog to view:                            

  • Winter Jackets                                                                       
  • Sweatshirts
  • Overalls/Pants
  • Rainwear
  • Winter Caps
  • Balaclavas
  • Hard Hat Tube Liners
  • Winter Liners
  • Winter Gloves/Sleeves
  • Hand Warmers

Cold Weather Work Gear Helps Keep Your Team Safe from Cold Stress

Check out the Quest Safety Knowledge Center to learn everything you need to know about the signs and symptoms of cold stress, including checklists and other quick reference guides to share with your team. Winter weather has already begun in many areas, so now is the time to brush up on cold weather safety tips. Check out Quest’s Knowledge Center for resources like:

  • Winter Safety Preparation Checklists
  • Safety Guides for Avoiding Cold Stress
  • 1-2-3s of Winter Driving
  • Winter PPE Tips
  • Signs, Symptoms, Treatments for Winter Hazards

Protect Your Team with Cold Weather Work Gear from Quest Safety and PIP

Cold weather dangers are serious, so now is the time to ensure your team is protected. Side effects from hypothermia, for example, can cause severe health problems, and cold weather can even increase the risk of a heart attack. Take advantage of Quest’s special winter weather pricing promotion to get everything your team needs for a safe, healthy, and productive winter season.

Keep in mind that supply chain issues are a factor right now, so get your orders in as soon as possible to ensure you have your cold weather work gear on time — contact your territory manager today. If you’re not a current customer, you can find many of the products here.

14 Dec 2021

Leather work gloves are very popular and definitely a necessity in terms of safety! Leather has several characteristics that make it a popular choice for work gloves:

Cut Protection                                   Puncture Protection

Impact Protection                              Grip Control

Dexterity                                            Comfort

But how do you go about choosing the right leather gloves for your work? Not all leathers are the equal and not all gloves are made the same. There are many considerations to choosing the best glove for the job.

Our partner, MCR Safety, is a leader in this field and sells over 1 million pairs annually. They have created an online guide to becoming a well-informed purchaser of leather work gloves.

Here is a brief summary of the information you will find on MCR Safety’s website. Quest Safety Products is also here to help you navigate the options.

Leather 101


Which type of leather is most comfortable? Most popular? Tear resistant? Most expensive? Learn the benefits and downsides of each type of hides.

                Buffalo                                 Cowhide                              Deerskin

                Goatskin                              Elkskin                                  Pigskin

Synthetic Leather

What is it and what role does it play in safety gloves?

Splitting Leather Hides

What’s the difference between Grain Leather and Split Leathers? If you’re wearing split leather gloves, did yours come from the animal’s belly, shoulder, or side? Does it really matter? Yes it    does.

Grading Leather and Costs

A leather’s grade directly impacts the overall glove’s longevity. By knowing the differences in leather grading, you’ll avoid unnecessary spending and will be protected with better quality PPE.

Leather Glove Costs

Learn how the leather characteristics determines the cost of the glove you’re wearing.

Cut Styles

The leather glove pattern will determine the overall dexterity and comfort a user will experience when wearing. MCR covers the two most common cut styles.


What thread and stitching style will keep your gloves, and your work day, from coming apart at the seams?

Thumb Styles

What are the options and what will you get?

Back Material

Another aspect that determines the cost and performance of your gloves.

Hems, Sizing, and Cuff Materials

If you don’t pay attention to these features, you may be extremely disappointed if you were needing extra protection or wanting to keep debris out.

Liner Material

Here you can find added comfort or added warmth, both key to a good pair of gloves!

Leather Glove Categories

Drivers                  Palm                      Winter                  Cut Resistant                     Hi-Visibility

Impact                  Utility                    Heavy Duty           Welding

Cleaning Leather Work Gloves:

Tips on how to keep your gloves looking their best regardless of what you put them through.

Leather Gloves FAQ:

Those burning glove questions everyone has.

Common Terms:

Learn the lingo.

Leather Work Gloves Catalog:

Glove details in one downloadable PDF.