13 Aug 2021

Quest Safety Products just celebrated their 25th anniversary in business. Their growth over the years to become one of the premier safety equipment manufacturers and distributors in the midwest has recently landed them in a brand new building. But this growth didn’t happen overnight and they didn’t do it alone. It has been through a variety of strategic partnerships, a commitment to exceeding customers’ expectations, and finding creative solutions to their customers’ problems.

One of the reasons Quest has been so successful is due to their strategic decision to be a part of the AD SafetyNetwork. What was once a buying group known as SafetyNetwork, they recently merged with AD, to create the AD SafetyNetwork. This merger further strengthened the position of independent safety distributors in the market. AD SafetyNetwork exists to help independent distributors compete by leveraging their group’s buying power and ability to help companies scale through many benefits. Quest customers are often on the receiving end of those benefits and allows Quest to provide the service and experience their customers have come to expect.

Competitive Pricing

AD SafetyNetwork’s membership exceeds 850 members in three countries across nine different verticals which creates a $45B buying network. This gives AD SafetyNetwork immense buying power that rivals some of the largest manufacturers and distributors in the world, allowing AD SafetyNetwork to negotiate higher discounts than individual companies could hope to obtain on their own. Additionally, they are able to negotiate group incentives and exclusive promotions from suppliers and manufacturers. The end result is competitive pricing and savings for Quest customers.

Visibility into Supply Chains

If the COVID-19 pandemic taught businesses anything, it was that disruption can happen at any moment. Having a partner that has a pulse on the demands of the supply chain is one way to mitigate the problems and frustration often experienced when customers can’t get their hands on products they need to be successful. The relationships, partnerships, and industry data gained from AD SafetyNetwork helps Quest to report potential issues to customers before they can negatively impact the safety of employees. Decision-makers and manufacturers that foster frequent and transparent communication have better outcomes. 

Speed to Market

Along with helping to resolve supply chain disruptions, AD SafetyNetwork membership allows products to be brought to market quickly through the help of the supplier network and ability to access materials needed to produce and manufacture safety equipment. Industry-leading suppliers are a critical component of the AD SafetyNetwork network and without them, customers would experience delays in receiving products or a lack of materials needed to produce them. 

Best-in-Class Training & Certifications

This strategic network also allows for exclusive and unfiltered access to some of the top manufacturers to get training and information straight from the source. This makes Quest employees some of the most knowledgeable in the industry and can help customers make the best buying decisions based on their unique safety needs. In addition, their Safety Equipment Expert (SEE) certification includes a comprehensive 150 hours of training to become certified. The ongoing education and training required of this certification assures customers are getting the most up-to-date and critical information on the regulations and applications of each safety product category and the ever-evolving safety industry needs.

Solution-based Approach

Quest has built a solid business based on exceeding customer expectations. Their relationships with customers and the level of transparency they share allows them to learn about the specific challenges a customer faces in order to solve them. Quest has designed and manufactured products based specifically on a customer’s challenge. This solution-based approach is made possible through the connections they have developed over the years through the AD SafetyNetwork network. It affords Quest access to partners, materials, parts, and engineering that can help develop and enhance specific products.

These strategic partnerships are just one initiative that has been a part of the success that Quest achieved, but with the customer in mind. Their team is committed to providing best-in-class solutions at competitive pricing, staying on top of evolving supply chains, educating safety professionals on the products they use, and reinforcing safety cultures with best practice solutions. If you are looking for assistance with your safety needs, Quest can help — contact us today.